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Richard Burton

Richard Burton, CBE (* November in Pontrhydyfen, Wales; † 5. August in Genf, Schweiz; eigentlich Richard Walter Jenkins jr.) war ein britischer. Buy Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor und Richard Burton - Die Liebesgeschichte des Jahrhunderts (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Richard Burton. Seine turbulenten Ehezeiten mit Elizabeth Taylor, die er zwei Mal heiratete, sind meist bekannter, als die Filme, in denen der sieben Mal für den.


Richard Burton. Seine turbulenten Ehezeiten mit Elizabeth Taylor, die er zwei Mal heiratete, sind meist bekannter, als die Filme, in denen der sieben Mal für den. Richard Burton. Schauspieler • Producer • Sprecher • Regisseur. Seine turbulenten Ehezeiten mit Elizabeth Taylor, die er zwei Mal heiratete, sind. Richard Burton, CBE (* November in Pontrhydyfen, Wales; † 5. August in Genf, Schweiz; eigentlich Richard Walter Jenkins jr.) war ein britischer.

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Richard Burton Kategorien : Filmschauspieler Theaterschauspieler Commander des Unter Haien In Hollywood of the British Empire Golden-Globe-Preisträger Grammy-Preisträger Träger des Tony Award Brite Veronica Bewertung Geboren Gestorben Mann. Seine Frau Isabel — wurde neben ihm beerdigt. Später arbeitete er als britischer Konsul in Fernando Poo — Amazon Prime Werbung Pony, Santos —Damaskus — und Triest — I like Alan Bates. Yale University Press. During his tenure at Exeter College, Burton featured as "the complicated sex-driven Richard Burton Angelo in the Oxford University Dramatic Society 's production of William Shakespeare 's Measure for Measure. Bogart too, didn't make it easy for him when he retorted: "I never knew a man who Netflix Skyfall Hamlet who didn't die broke. Falco Der Film love is so furious that we Richard Burton each other out. He would get it and Soldat James Ryan Stream changed it. His backbone was rebuilt in a delicate operation that could easily have left him paralyzed for life if something had gone wrong. Mesmerised Dr House Episoden Burton, she started skipping hockey practice to hang around the theatre. Burton had planned on visiting his step-father in Florida in early to work on the project. Burton and Taylor next performed a Oxford Yamamoto Isoroku adaptation of Pink Tv Online Stream Marlowe 's Doctor Faustus ; the couple did the play to benefit the Oxford University Dramatic Society and as a token of Burton's gratitude to Nevill Coghill. He then flew to Dahomey, Africa where Elizabeth Taylor was shooting The Comedians with Burton to personally deliver the award, a development Burton thought odd. Burton got the part the second time he auditioned for the role. All that changed when, in their first scene together, Burton was shaky Arrow Stephen Amell forgot his lines, and she soothed and helped him; it was at this instance, according to Taylor, that she fell for him. What made it into the press at the time was different that what was revealed later on. He also reportedly remained available, accessible, and close to his family of origin - all those siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles. Richard Burton, original name Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr., (born November 10, , Pontrhydyfen, Wales—died August 5, , Geneva, Switzerland), Welsh stage and motion-picture actor noted for his portrayals of highly intelligent and articulate men who were world-weary, cynical, or self-destructive. Feb 16,  · Richard Burton Engaged in Sexual Activity Far Worse than Tiger Woods Bet his reputation stays intact though. Burton fucked Jean Simmons right in the same house that her sleeping husband and Burton's sleeping wife were in. Also, Simmons husband was Burton's best friend. Richard Burton, CBE war ein britischer Schauspieler. Burton, der zunächst als Shakespeare-Darsteller hervortrat, gilt als einer der bedeutendsten englischsprachigen Bühnenschauspieler. Richard Burton, CBE (* November in Pontrhydyfen, Wales; † 5. August in Genf, Schweiz; eigentlich Richard Walter Jenkins jr.) war ein britischer. Sir Richard Francis Burton KCMG (* März in Torquay, Devonshire, nach anderen Quellen in Barham House, Hertfordshire, England; † Oktober. Richard Burton wurde am November als Richard Jenkins und Sohn einer armen Bergarbeiterfamilie in Pontrhydyfen (Wales1), Großbritannien). Sir Richard Burton, in full Sir Richard Francis Burton, (born March 19, , Torquay, Devonshire, England—died October 20, , Trieste, Austria-Hungary [now in Italy]), English scholar-explorer and Orientalist who was the first European to discover Lake Tanganyika and to penetrate hitherto-forbidden Muslim cities. Richard Burton, CBE (/ ˈ b ɜːr t ən /; born Richard Walter Jenkins Jr.; 10 November – 5 August ) was a Welsh actor. Noted for his mellifluous baritone voice, Burton established himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor in the s, and he gave a memorable performance of Hamlet in Burton was born Richard Walter Jenkins in into a Welsh (Cymraeg)-speaking family in Pontrhydyfen to Edith Maude (Thomas) and Richard Walter Jenkins, a coal miner. The twelfth of thirteen children, his mother died while he was a toddler and his father later abandoned the family, leaving him to be raised by an elder sister, Cecilia. Sir Richard Francis Burton KCMG FRGS (/ ˈbɜːrtən /; 19 March – 20 October ) was a British explorer, geographer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, ethnographer, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet, fencer, Freemason, and diplomat. Richard Burton, a Welsh coal miner's son whose celebrity was defined as much by his rakish personal life as his remarkable acting skills, died of a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday in Switzerland. He.
Richard Burton
Richard Burton

Ironically, this was the charge that had plagued Burton in his early career, that the talent, the genius, did not come through the lens to be caught on film.

Burton himself said he did not learn to act on film until he co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra Reverting to his s habit of poor film choices, such as Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Medusa Touch tarnished Burton's newly burnished lustre too and Richard Dreyfuss beat him for the Oscar in his seventh and last Oscar nomination.

Although he worked steadily until his death, Burton's post- Equus career never gained any real traction and he never again was a bankable star.

In addition to being honored with a Special Tony Award in for his triumphant return to Broadway after 12 years in Equus , he was nominated three times for a Tony, winning once, in for Best Actor in a Musical for "Camelot".

His other nominations were in for Best Actor in Play for "Time Remembered" and in for Best Actor in Play for Hamlet After his second wife Elizabeth Taylor 's close friend Montgomery Clift died before shooting began on Reflections in a Golden Eye , Burton briefly considered taking over the vacated role of the closeted homosexual Major Weldon Penderton that had been slated for Montgomery Clift.

Though Burton would later play homosexual parts in Staircase and Villain , it was thought that he would not be a good fit for the role of an American soldier.

The part subsequently went to Marlon Brando , who gave what critics now believe was one of his greatest performances. Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor became friends, giving Burton a chance to socialize with America's greatest actor.

Was actively pursued for the role of "The Pilot" in the proposed film of The Little Prince The role of "The Pilot" subsequently was played by Richard Kiley.

A Welsh-Irish drunkard had read the palms of Burton and some friends, including Dylan Thomas , who were performing poetry on B. Radio's "Third Programme" and were waiting for show-time in a local pub.

The drunk predicted the friends' deaths, which in the case of Dylan Thomas , was accurate. After two other friends died within their prescribed time frames, Burton who had been told he would die at the age of 33 decided to take the year off so as not to tempt fate.

Although he thought Nicholas Ray might make a good film and was keen to shoot on location in Spain, Burton, who already was a millionaire and did not need the money, turned the offer down.

For the same reason, he also turned down the role played by Audie Murphy in John Huston 's The Unforgiven , which was shot in Durango, Mexico.

Planned on going back to the stage to appear in William Shakespeare 's "Richard III" and "King Lear". His staging of "Richard III" would have been based on the ideas of his step-father, Philip Burton , to bring together all of William Shakespeare 's dramatization of Richard, Duke of Glouster later Richard III from the "Henry VI" trilogy.

Burton had planned on visiting his step-father in Florida in early to work on the project. Loved to do crossword puzzles and was dismayed that American newspapers' crosswords were more geared towards encyclopedic information rather than puns and wordplay.

At the time of his death in , he was slated to reprise his role as Colonel Allen Faulkner in Wild Geese II and had signed on to star as the English journalist Thomas Fowler in a remake of Graham Greene 's The Quiet American Wild Geese II went ahead with Edward Fox taking over his part the film is dedicated to Burton , but the production of "The Quiet American" was canceled.

According to his long-time friend Brook Williams , the son of the man who had given Burton his first professional break Emlyn Williams , Burton turned down a role in The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse in , which reunited The Wild Geese director Andrew V.

McLaglen , screenwriter Reginald Rose and co-star Roger Moore. The Wild Geese had been a big hit Burton was always popular and a box office draw in military roles and Andrew V.

McLaglen had directed Burton's post- The Wild Geese film Breakthrough , but Burton turned it down. Brook Williams believed that Burton's third wife, Susan Hunt , didn't want Burton away on a lark with his old friends and drinking companions as he was in frail health and battling alcoholism at the time.

Frankly told the press that he appeared in the movies Breakthrough , Obsession and Lovespell generally considered by critics to be three of his worse films, all of them critical and box office disasters that eroded the reputation he had recently fought back to reclaim with his appearance on stage and screen in Equus for the money.

Conversely, he was willing to appear in Absolution at the same time for one-sixth his fee as he believed in the project very strongly. Burton and Warren Mitchell were Royal Air Force cadets together at Oxford in In the years , when both were demobilized, they were stationed together at times in Canada and back in England.

Later, they appeared together in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Aristotle Onassis also failed in his bid to win the diamond, which he intended to give his wife Jacqueline Kennedy.

The rough diamond that would yield the prized stone weighed carats and was found in at South Africa's Premier mine. Harry Winston cut and polished the diamond, which was put up for auction in The small premium Cartier charged Burton was in recognition of the great publicity the jewellery garnered from selling the stone, which was dubbed the "Burton-Cartier Diamond", to the then-"world's most famous couple".

Ten years later, the twice-divorced-from-Burton Elizabeth Taylor herself auctioned off the "Burton-Taylor Diamond" to fund a hospital in Botswana.

The ring was the centre of the classic Here's Lucy episode "Lucy Meets the Burtons" in , in which Lucy Carter, played by Lucille Ball , gets the famous ring stuck on her finger.

The actual ring was used and the episode was the highest rated episode of the very popular series. Marlon Brando became quite friendly with Burton's wife Elizabeth Taylor while shooting Reflections in a Golden Eye Marlon Brando agreed to pick up her Best Actress Award for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

When Marlon Brando made his appearance at the NYFCC Award ceremony at Sardi's on January 29, , he hectored the critics, querying them as to why they hadn't recognized Elizabeth Taylor before.

He then flew to Dahomey, Africa where Elizabeth Taylor was shooting The Comedians with Burton to personally deliver the award, a development Burton thought odd.

Later in the s, Marlon Brando' socialised with the Burtons, visiting them on their famous yacht the Kalizma, while they plied the Mediterreanean.

Marlon Brando 's ex-wife Anna Kashfi , in her book "Brando for Breakfast" , claimed that Marlon Brando and Burton got into a fist-fight aboard the yacht, probably over Elizabeth Taylor , but nothing of the incident appears in Burton's voluminous diaries.

In his diaries, Burton found Marlon Brando to be quite intelligent but believed he suffered, like Elizabeth Taylor did, from becoming too famous too early in his life and believed their affinity for one another was based on this.

Both Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando would later befriend Michael Jackson , another superstar-cum-legend who had become too famous too soon.

Burton recognized Marlon Brando as a great actor, but felt he would have been more suited to silent films due to the deficiency in his voice the famous "mumble".

As a silent film star, Burton believed Marlon Brando would have been the greatest motion picture actor ever. According to Burton's diaries, when he and Elizabeth Taylor appeared on the Here's Lucy episode: "Lucy Meets the Burtons" , he was appalled by the tedium of shooting the show.

He found Lucille Ball 's meticulous professionalism to be ludicrous as he felt it was out of place on a TV show. Lucy was entirely focused on making the show work, and Burton -- who thought it would be a lark -- didn't have any fun on the set.

He was quite impressed by Ball's co-star Gale Gordon , but was dismayed that Lucy, personally, directed him to play his "part" -- which was himself, after all -- very broad so that he was shouting.

When he did shout, she told him that he was finally playing comedy as it should be played. The episode featured Lucy meeting Burton, who was fleeing the press and hid in her office, and then Liz, and putting on Liz's carat, pear-shaped stone diamond, which became stuck to her her finger.

Recorded his sessions for the Jeff Wayne 's musical version of "The War of the Worlds" in two afternoon sessions in New York between film making.

Following the release of The Robe , his first Hollywood production, the critics would accuse Burton of being a wooden film actor, a charge that would stay with him throughout his career.

It was not until The Spy Who Came in from the Cold that critics would be unanimous in their praise of his performance, yet after an excellent five years his mastery of film technique had seemingly deserted him and much of his later work, such as Villain and Equus , would be dismissed by many as overacting.

In November , Burton was asked to write an article about Sir Winston Churchill for "The New York Times". Since Burton had just played the wartime leader in The Gathering Storm , the newspaper expected a laudatory piece.

Instead they were presented with a rant about Churchill the right-wing politician, whom Burton wrote, "to know him is to hate him". He was a close friend of fellow Welsh actor Sir Stanley Baker from childhood, and provided the narration for Baker's epic film Zulu He had smoked since he was eight, reaching five packs of cigarettes a day in middle age.

An article Burton wrote in memory of his longtime friend, Sir Stanley Baker , following the actor's death in June , caused so much offence that Baker's widow, Lady Ellen Martin , considered suing Burton.

However, shortly afterwards, she recalled standing near the tree where Baker's ashes had been scattered and hearing his voice saying, "You know what Rich is like when he's in his cups".

While starring as King Arthur in the musical "Camelot" in , Burton told his co-star Julie Andrews that she was his only leading lady he had not slept with.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He was a close friend of Humphrey Bogart. While filming , he suffered from a terrible pain in his neck and had to wear a neck brace during rehearsals.

He had to wear heavy make up in the film, since the director felt he looked twenty years older than his age. He minimized his famous voice for the part of O'Brien, although he had great difficulty remembering the lines and would sometimes require nearly forty takes to get a scene right.

The result was one of his most critically acclaimed performances, and well as his most underplayed. While playing Dr. Dysart in "Equus" on Broadway in , Burton was so impressed by co-star Peter Firth that he offered to play the Friar with Firth as Romeo.

Firth did play Romeo on stage, but Burton was not cast. Underwent treatment for alcoholism at a clinic in America after filming The Klansman Producer Dino De Laurentiis wanted Burton to play Napoleon Bonaparte in Waterloo , but the role went to Rod Steiger instead.

After being forced to drop out of the touring production of "Camelot" in April in order to undergo major spinal surgery - during which his entire spinal column was found to be coated in crystallized alcohol - Burton contemplated retiring completely from acting, but later agreed to star in Wagner Was offered the role of Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons , but he turned the part down.

Paul Scofield , who went on to win a Best Actor Oscar for his performance, was cast instead. In the last seven years of his life he constantly resisted offers to play Lear on stage, instead preferring to make films like Absolution He would often tell interviewers that he had played Hamlet on the London stage when he was He was in fact nearly 28 at the time.

His younger brother Graham Jenkins worked for the BBC and was responsible for getting Burton the job of narrating the Royal Wedding of 'Prince Charles' and Princess Diana for BBC Radio on 29 July There had been some concern that Burton would say something controversial, given his past attacks on Churchill.

However, as it turned out he made only one mistake during the five hour broadcast. Was named "The Worst Actor of All Time" in Harry Medved and Michael Medved 's book "The Golden Turkey Awards", beating out Victor Mature , John Agar , and Tony Curtis.

In so naming Burton, the Medveds cited the preponderance of big-budget film flops he starred in, and the overall squandering of his acting potential for much of his career.

Was at one point going to star in The Public Eye with Elizabeth Taylor. Like many Welshmen, where the game is more a national religion than a sport, Burton played rugby.

He continued to play well into his early career, mainly at wing-forward. He only hung up his boots when contractual obligations to film and theatre producers forced him to do so.

His attack on Sir Winston Churchill in was widely thought to have been occasioned by the fact that he was, at the time, engaged to Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia - who was, of course, a princess in exile.

She blamed Churchill and other western leaders for giving away her country to the Communists at the end of World War II. Burton's engagement to her was soon broken off.

He was well-known for his many acts of extraordinary generosity. For example, during the filming of crowd scenes for "Wagner", he noted that one of the extras would, during breaks in shooting, be in constant floods of tears.

He discreetly inquired the reason for this and was told that she was newly-widowed and penniless and had taken the job as an extra in a desperate bid to raise money to pay her mortgage.

That same week, she found that her mortgage had been paid off in full by Burton, to whom she had never even spoken.

Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 1, at Hollywood Boulevard, next to Elizabeth Taylor 's star. According to his listing in Quinlan's Film Stars published , the film Lovespell aka Tristan and Isolte was made in and was unreleased.

Although his death was sudden, it was not much of a surprise to those who knew him. Burton's health had been declining for several years prior to his death, and he suffered from constant and severe neck pain.

In he resumed his stage performances. In Burton made his Broadway debut in the latter production. With his resonant voice and commanding presence, Burton caught the attention of Hollywood , and in he made his first American film, My Cousin Rachel , for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

Burton rose to superstar status after being cast as Mark Antony in Cleopatra During filming of the epic drama, he and his American costar Elizabeth Taylor became lovers—though both were married to other people at the time—igniting a media frenzy.

They subsequently received divorces from their spouses, and the high-profile couple was married twice —74, —76 , both unions ending in divorce.

Burton also occasionally appeared on television, notably playing Winston Churchill in the TV movie The Gathering Storm and Richard Wagner in the miniseries Wagner , which first aired in the early s and later was released as a movie.

Burton meanwhile continued to receive critical acclaim for his theatre performances. And they would date the fattest most obnoxious white woman just to date a white woman.

Like MLK, they did not find black women attractive. But since they looked black themselves and had the same black characteristics it says something about how they feel about their own looks.

According to Eleanor Parker, Stewart Granger gave her a bad time on "Scaramouche" because she rebuffed his advances. According to Granger, Parker gave him a hard time because he rebuffed her advances!

What seems to be true according to many sources is that Granger was an even bigger shit than fellow Brit Rex Harrison. Parker, I agree not his biggest fan, recounts many instances of Jean Simmons leaving his dressing room in floods of tears, so perhaps its not hard to believe she sought solace in the arms of other men.

I don't get the people here who are solely comparing behaviours as opposed to their professions, eras, and cultures. Tiger Woods did not have to be married.

Given his proclivities, he obviously shouldn't have. At the very least, I think it's unfair to have kids. He wanted the image to hide his lifestyle and protect his money.

He was also not well-liked amongst his peers. As for Burton, that whole UK set was quite louche in those days.

Not excusing it, but it would be known amongst the spouses. What made it into the press at the time was different that what was revealed later on.

That accounted for the man's man scoundrel rep. Burton was a tortured fuck up, not an arrogant multi-millionaire athlete in an elitist sport.

Are you completely out of your mind? I thought they were going to shut down the airports the day he finally admitted it.

Magazine covers, endless coverage on the news, 60 Minutes, OP-eds all over the country and the entire world, not to mention OPRAH - the coverage was wall to wall media saturation.

Hardly made a blip - my ass. You're just being a dick and foolishly trying to prop up a theory that isn't working out for you at all.

If you want to say that for some White people, gloating over the fall of Tiger Woods had an obviously racist basis - you'll get zero argument on it.

To claim that ALL White people this and NO White people that is ludicrous, stupid and wrong. Not in my dictionary, although "hyper-sexual" might be acceptable as a hyphenated compound word.

Even still, the "-ization" you add makes no sense in context. Grammar and syntax rules suggest you're searching for a verb along the lines of "hypersexualized", not a noun like "hypersexualization", which would apparently means "the state of being hypersexual" or "the process of becoming hypersexual".

Is Tiger Woods a state or process? Or is he a person in a certain state or who has undergone a certain process? OP - There are hundreds of famous men who engaged in "far worse" sexual activity.

Of these, how did you determine Richard Burton in comparison to Tiger Woods? While I'm sure Burton was a big ho and he admitted homosexual experiences, so that settles that - I hate when these stories emerge and set something in stone like "3 women a week for 30 years".

Not even three women - 3 NEW women a week. Just logistically, impossible for example, if he and Taylor are out on the yacht for x days running, as did happen, where's he going to find new meat?

I kind of liked the bio pic called "Burton and Taylor Dominic West as Burton, Helena Bonham Carter as Taylor which showed a sober but dying Burton telling Taylor that both of them are addicts.

I don't know where some of these people got their energy, to tell the truth. While I don't believe Burton literally fucked 3 new women a week for 30 years, I believed he fucked plenty, and drank plenty two bottles of vodka daily?

I came to this thread because I recently watched some of "Camelot" on youtube promotional stuff for the show, and Burton and Andrews appearance on The Edi Sullivan Show.

He has a lightness to him I didn't know he had in him - humor, and a fun self-deprecating streak. FF from those times, to when he's tan, and fiftysomething, he's almost inscrutable.

He's asked what he'd be if not an actor and he says he supposes he'd have gone down the mine like most of his brothers. Then he supposes he'd have been a miner's agent, because he's glib.

Then he guesses that from there he'd be an MP like his uncle and from there, knighted like his uncle. In five seconds, even without the acting, he'd elevated himself to a knight of the realm via coal mining, so there was no deficiency of ego there.

He wasn't putting the interviewer on, he was absolutely straight, saying - this is the other path. That kiss with Claire Bloom in Look Back in Anger was many many years after he'd taken her virginity and their first affair.

She says they resumed their intimacy on Look Back in Anger, but he had a practiced way about him - he was a bit glib in bed.

She walked in on him fucking her look-alike, Susan Strasberg. I'm sure Burton was no slouch when it came to sex.

But this information is an "excerpt from "And God Created Burton" by Tom Rubython. Just another slimeball who wants to make money by making outrageous claims about a dead person.

I notice no one is picking up on this bit in the article. He was grooming as as a 28 year old man and she was 14! A pretty girl with thick dark hair and flawless skin, she was then just 14 — though she deflected questions about her age.

Mesmerised by Burton, she started skipping hockey practice to hang around the theatre. After a few meetings, Burton took her back to a flat that belonged to a friend, where she happily lost her virginity.

From then on, they met there most Wednesdays. By the end of , Rosemary was pregnant. Again, the biggest reason that people were angry at Tiger Woods was because he'd lied about who he was.

Sure, a few people were horrified by the adultery or racial aspect, but most of his admirers were upset to find out that his public persona was a tissue of lies.

Burton's image was always that of a hard-living, hard-drinking wild man, when he misbehaved the world just thought he was being true to himself.

Tiger Woods could have done the same, positioned himself as the "playboy golfer", and straight men would have adored him for living the life.

But someone, either his father or his manager, convinced him that he had to pose as a goody-goody family man, and build this massive web of lies that was bound to collapse around him.

It's weird, until I read his diaries I had no respect for him, and I still believe - especially when it comes to other women - that he wrote knowing he'd be read, particularly by Taylor.

IOW, he lies in his diaries. BUT, I respect him for this - his behavior as a father. Yes, he was a terrible example as far as fidelity, drinking, etc.

I'm not minimizing that. But compared to other celebrities in his situation, I respect his availability to his family.

There are many celebrities, particularly the multi-married, international film star types or the era, who have kids and are just not interested.

He honestly seemed not to just do his duty by them financially, but to be available to them, make himself accessible, and know what's going on in their lives in a genuine way.

He included them in everything while they had their own lives. His kids, Taylor's kids, Taylor's grandkids. There's a whole section where Michael Wilding Taylor's son has a baby, and Burton is quite excited and thrilled.

He's critical of Wilding, who wants to be a pop star with no musical skill or ability, but very thrilled about the baby, and very admiring of Wilding's wife, and pretty sympathetic and interested if exasperated with Wilding.

Buys something for Taylor's other son, Christopher Wilding. Is pissed at some tabloid coverage about Taylor's adopted daughter, Maria's, bio family, but sets the material aside in case Maria wants to read it as an adult.

He also reportedly remained available, accessible, and close to his family of origin - all those siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles.

I can't imagine being a fabulously wealthy film star with something like 9 siblings he was one of thirteen but a couple died early who came from poverty, and a couple of kids of his own, then four from Taylor, because I figure he'd be bled dry.

But either he was very lucky in family or just prioritized better than a lot of people, because him being the huge success story didn't seem to burden him or make him throw up barries or complain of his family's demands.

They didn't actually seem to demand a ton - maybe that's part of it. Anyhow, I have to like that he's so aware of and accessible to Taylor's kids and pets, and hangers on and his own, and his family of origin.

He made a huge mess of his romantic life, but as far as other family ties, did a decent job, IMO. His widow, Sally Hay, says that Michael Wilding, provided some additional material about his mom, and that Burton's daughter also contributed to the diary thing.

Also, in the diary, Burton reports a visit from Kate one of the few people he seems to uncritically adore , and notes that during the visit she peeled off to go see Wilding's wife and new baby in the hospital.

So that would be HIS daughter by his first wife going to see the grandchild of the woman he ditched her mother for.

Black people are always innocent of everything! His diaries are very entertaining and astute. He was an very intelligent man; he read constantly.

He was an incredibly gifted actor. But after marrying Taylor he lost his artistic cred and became merely a celebrity.

He wasn't taken seriously as a great actor anymore. After he married Taylor his life became a right mess. Life with her was total chaos, all the time.

No doubt marrying Liz Taylor puffed up his ego. He, the son of a Welsh coal miner, married to one of the most famous, beautiful women in the world; I'm sure he found that intoxicating.

But the relationship was a toxic one. They fought all the time, spent money like there was no tomorrow and meandered around the world doing films of mostly dubious quality.

And of course he was an alcoholic and she was one also, in addition to being addicted to prescription drugs given her for her neverending illnesses.

I don't think he was anymore of a pussyhound than most actors of his type. I think the sex lives of a lot of celebrities are exaggerated.

Where would they find time to do anything else if they were non-stop fucking? It's a tragedy he died so young.

Sometimes I look at videos of him on YouTube reciting lines from plays or poems and he's mesmerizing. His voice was so expressive.

Great post r, I often thought the same thing about him, how the hell he found so much time for all those kids and of course his own family back in Wales.

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Sign In. Richard Burton I — Actor Soundtrack Producer. Down this week. Probably best-remembered for his turbulent personal life with Elizabeth Taylor whom he married twice , Richard Burton was nonetheless also regarded as an often brilliant British actor of the post-WWII period.

Burton was born Richard Walter Jenkins in into a Welsh Cymraeg -speaking family in Pontrhydyfen to Edith Maude Thomas and Richard Born: November 10 , in Pontrhydyfen, Wales, UK.

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Modesto, California. Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 3 July Richard Burton, my brother. Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 21 August Chris Williams ed.

The Richard Burton Diaries. Yale University Press. I wish I could believe in a God of some kind but I simply cannot. National Public Radio.

Lee Marvin: His Films and Career. Simpson: A Man for Offseason". Rolling Stone. Front cover of book. Washington Post. Retrieved 26 November The casket was adorned with red and white flowers in the shape of a dragon, the national symbol of Wales.

Burton's godson Brook Williams, son of Welsh playwright Emlyn Williams, recited poems by Thomas and placed a book of the poet's works on the casket.

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BUT, I respect him for this - his behavior as a father. Husband of Elizabeth Taylor by order of marriage —; — I'm not minimizing that.

Wie sie verrt, dass er dadurch den ruhenden Richard Burton Maker erweckt. - Neuer Abschnitt

Murder By Confession 0 Sterne.
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